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Doreen Lock receives award

Our trustee Doreen Lock has been awarded the Borough Recognition Award. She was presented with her award by Darren Rodwell leader of the council

Doreen's Story:

Doreen was born in Ruby Rd. Dagenham. She is 80 years old she has lived in Dagenham her whole life she has been a police woman and nurse. She is severely impaired and receives a direct payment; n fact she was the first person over 65 to get direct payment in the borough

She works tirelessly for the ILA volunteering and supporting other users in the community and is also a trustee of the ILA

She attends a lot of events outside the borough and is always telling people about living independently and using a direct payment to live her life to the full

The award at Barking Town Hall was a nice evening - Doreen was very happy and said: "I will carry on with all I do and make sure that everyone knows that disability does not stop you being independent."



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