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Our office is based in BARKING AND DAGENHAM. Nearly all of our trustees and staff have lived experience of disability, including mental health issues and/or long-term health conditions/learning disabilities.

Every day, disabled people everywhere overcome barriers to participating in society and accessing many things that non-disabled people take for granted. We believe that these experiences give us a deep understanding of how society can be made more equal and inclusive.

We believe that learning to use our lived experience for social change is a skill. We have become experts in harnessing the lived experience of our staff, members, volunteers and people who use our services to design and deliver higher quality, more person-centred services. We believe that this benefit both disabled people and society more widely. We also work to support other organisations to do the same. Our work is very much influenced by the Social Model of Disability, and Independent Living principles

We aim to

  • Improve and integrate existing services as well as help shape & influence new services.

  • Share knowledge, expertise and information.

  • Develop a strong and united voice for disabled people, carers and vulnerable residents.

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