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Stay Well Stay Safe - Healthy Futures Project

Are you sociable? Do you enjoy helping others? Our project requires volunteers who can share their time and experience with disabled people who are trying to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Our project has three objectives:

  • Increase physical activity

  • Empower participants with knowledge about healthy lifestyles

  • Teach participants to cook and plan healthy meals

As a volunteer, your responsibilities include:

  • Being matched with a participant

  • Fitness buddying - Supporting your Match to go to the gym, fitness activities or take part in sports, being an encouraging voice to help them gain confidence and remove barriers to being active.

  • Cookery/learning buddying - Supporting your Match in learning how to cook healthy meals at our Cookery School

  • Digital buddying/learning buddying - Supporting your Match to learn how to use the Internet and computers to access services and support their financial and digital wellbeing.

  • Health/digital Mentoring - Providing more personalised support to people with more complex needs to access services online, be more active and live a healthier lifestyle.

This may seem like a lot of responsibility, but these tasks will be done by different volunteers. Depending on what your Match is interested in and where you feel your skills are more useful, you’ll be trained to provide support in a specific area rather than doing everything yourself.

For more information on the different roles for volunteers, scan the QR code or follow the link below to view our Volunteer Handbook:


What support and benefits can I expect as a Volunteer with the Stay Well Stay Safe- Healthy Futures Project?

  • Role specific training. Whether you are a Peer Group Leader, Mentor or Buddy you will receive training to support you within your role and accommodate your own support needs.

  • Safety First! As volunteer you will be working closely with vulnerable individuals, often in an informal setting. You be required to complete a DBS check and provide 2 references, as well as completing compulsory safeguarding training.

  • Support from the Volunteering and Group Development Officer to work through training, develop confidence, solve problems and grow into your role.

  • Once you have successfully volunteered* with us we will be able to provide you with a Certificate of Recognition.

  • Expenses incurred within your role (travel, lunch) will be reimbursed with prior agreement from the Project Management Team and in line with ILA policy (dependent on the number of hours you are volunteering for on any given day) .

  • One-to-one support, including supervision and appraisal. We want you to feel rewarded within your role.

* Based on an agreed time period and outcomes.

For further information, please see our Volunteer Handbook

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