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Christmas Letter to our service users

Dear service user,

We hope that our letter finds you well and that these past few months have not been

too difficult for you and all your loved ones.

We are now approaching the Christmas period and are in preparation to ensure all

payments to the personal assistants are not affected or interrupted by the Bank


As with every year, we are requesting that timesheets are sent sooner for all the

service users whose pay dates could be affected.

If your payroll dates falls between 25th of December and 3rd of January, please

forward your timesheets by Monday 14th of December, to give us enough time to sort

and process the timesheets before Christmas Eve.

If the pay date falls between 14th of December and Christmas Eve, the PAs will

receive their payments as normal.

If the pay date falls between Christmas Eve and the 3rd of January and the

timesheets are sent on time, the personal assistants will receive their payments by

Wednesday 23rd of December.

We wish everyone a lovely Christmas on this difficult year!

Warmest regards,

ILA Payroll Team



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